Understanding the Next Generation of Boaters: How to Attract Younger Boaters to Your Marina.

Marinas have long been cherished destinations, offering a gateway to adventure, tranquility, and the freedom of the open water. However, as the boating industry evolves, marinas face the challenge of attracting younger boaters who have distinct preferences and expectations. To ensure the ongoing success and vitality of your marina, it is crucial to adapt and […]

Understanding the Next Generation of Boaters: The Rise of Boat Renting Services.

In recent years, a significant shift has occurred in the boating industry, with Millennials and Gen Z turning to boat renting services as a preferred way to enjoy the water. Understanding this trend is crucial for marinas looking to attract younger boaters. Here’s why boat renting services have gained popularity among these generations and how […]

AutoPayments vs. Emailed Invoices: Which One is Better?

Efficient payment processing is crucial for marina management, enabling streamlined operations and improved cash flow. When it comes to handling payments, marina managers often face the dilemma of choosing between auto-payments and emailed invoices. Both options have their merits, and selecting the right solution depends on the specific needs of your marina and preferences of […]