In recent years, a significant shift has occurred in the boating industry, with Millennials and Gen Z turning to boat renting services as a preferred way to enjoy the water. Understanding this trend is crucial for marinas looking to attract younger boaters. Here’s why boat renting services have gained popularity among these generations and how marinas can leverage this trend to their advantage.

This is Part 2 of our series of articles that explore effective strategies for attracting younger boaters to your marina.

Flexibility and Affordability

One of the key reasons why Millennials and Gen Z are gravitating towards boat renting services is the flexibility and affordability they offer. Owning a boat comes with substantial costs, including maintenance, storage, insurance, and upfront purchase expenses. Renting a boat, on the other hand, allows younger boaters to enjoy a day on the water without the long-term financial commitment. By promoting flexible rental options and competitive pricing, marinas can tap into this market and attract younger boaters who seek a more accessible boating experience.

Convenience and Variety

Boat renting services provide Millennials and Gen Z with convenience and a wide range of options. These generations value experiences and diversity, and boat rentals allow them to choose different types of boats, from speedboats to sailboats, depending on their preferences and the activities they wish to pursue. Marinas can capitalize on this trend by expanding their rental fleets to cater to diverse boating interests. Collaborating with boat renting platforms or establishing their own rental services can provide added convenience and ensure a steady flow of younger boaters to the marina.

Test-Driving Boating Lifestyles

For many Millennials and Gen Z, boat renting services serve as a gateway to exploring the boating lifestyle and deciding if boat ownership is right for them. Renting a boat allows them to experience the joys of boating without the long-term commitment, giving them an opportunity to learn about different boat models, navigation skills, and water activities. Marinas can capitalize on this desire to test-drive by offering educational programs, introductory boating courses, or hosting “Try Boating” events that provide hands-on experiences for younger boaters. By showcasing the benefits of boat ownership while offering rental options, marinas can cultivate a new generation of boating enthusiasts.

Sharing Economy and Sustainability

Millennials and Gen Z are conscious of sustainability and often prioritize the sharing economy. Boat renting services align with their values, as renting reduces the environmental impact associated with manufacturing and maintaining individual boats. Marinas can align themselves with this mindset by promoting the environmental benefits of boat rentals. Emphasize the sustainability aspect of renting, such as reducing the carbon footprint and promoting responsible boating practices. Additionally, implementing eco-friendly initiatives within the marina, such as offering electric boat rentals or supporting clean water initiatives, can further attract environmentally conscious younger boaters.


The boating landscape is evolving, and younger generations are increasingly turning to boat renting services as a flexible, affordable, and convenient way to enjoy the water. By understanding the motivations behind this trend, marinas can adapt their offerings to attract and engage Millennials and Gen Z. Embracing boat renting services, providing diverse rental options, offering educational programs, and highlighting sustainability efforts will position marinas as attractive destinations for these younger boaters. By embracing this shift, marinas can ensure their long-term success and cater to the evolving preferences of the next generation of boating enthusiasts.

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